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Posada Palermo Buenos Aires
Bed and Breakfast en-Suite
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All rooms are equipped with ethnic and antique furniture, highly comfortable bedding and a private bath. They also have a programmable safe, cable TV, stereo equipment and wireless internet access. We provide daily maid service between 1:00 and 4:00 pm.

In winter, heating is provided by hot water radiant heaters (the safest an most comfortable system). In summer, weconsider ourselves so special that we offer both, air conditioning and ceiling fans. Why both?

We want to provide comfort to the air conditioning lovers as well as to its detractors and allow YOU to choose YOUR perfect temperature. The climate controls work at all times, just like the availability of water, cold or hot. Don?t worry, we also like cleanliness and nobody, except for your ecological conscience, is going to criticize you for using too much water in your baths.


The Bathrooms

'Antique & Modern'
The bathrooms, as an example, are faithful to the Pompeian language and style. The brick motif coordinates with all the antiques.

But keep in mind that we don?t tamper with your comfort. Everything is designed to satisfy modern habits (hair driers, bath tubs, toilet stools, bidets and wash basins).


Beginnings of each day

We share our time with our guests during the breakfast. Generally, the morning activities are extended somewhat.

We Serve our Breakfast here from 9:00 to 11:30

You know that you can?t trust those that offer you everything. That?s why you can trust us. We offer you ?almost everything?. We keep our promises and clearly define the periods during which Posada Palermo is your house and the rest of the time, during which, it?s 'our house'.

What Makes Posada Palermo Special?

We are special. Among other things, we are special due to our original architecture, the carefully decorated, large and luminous spaces, the surrounding works of art and the warmth of a traditional 'sausage house'. The 'sausage house' is exactly like a Pompeian house with an open space surrounded by rooms that has been cut in half. The rooms line up along a narrower open space. Of course, the house has been modified in order to accommodate modern requirements and that human quality that makes us unique.

Services Breakfast
from 9:00 to 11:30 am

You will love our breads, Argentine pastries, croissants (known as ?medialunas?, which you will soon become acquainted with), cookies and crackers. All accompanied by home made jellies and ?dulce de leche? (an exquisite jelly similar and yet different to what Americans call caramel and Mexicans call ?cajeta?. As far as hot drinks are concerned, you can choose coffee with milk or tea or mate (are you adventurous enough to try our own drink that is often drank with lard biscuits, which we also offer?). We also offer you fresh squeezed orange juice, home made yoghurt, cereal and eggs. You can also have Argentine style toasted sandwiches, which, according to a recent study is one of the food items most missed by Argentines living in other countries. When we have time to spare, we also make our own bread, hot off the oven.

With this menu, you will have energy for the whole morning. In fact, many have said that it?s hard for them to get hungry again. And, because we are special, we promise you that you won?t have to stand the additional small meals that some boring hotels make you suffer. That happens to them for not being special.

Other Services

  • Free local phone calls
  • Cold and hot water dispensers available all day & night
  • A computer for guests to check their E-mails
  • Wireless internet access in the whole house
  • And, because we are special, a special service of our tireless effort to help you enjoy Buenos Aires

We are certain that nobody will be left feeling like they should have gone to an
inconsequential five star hotel identical to another five star hotel.

Posada Palermo B&B :: 1655 J. Salguero Street, between Soler and Paraguay (1425) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: +54 - 11 - 48 26 87 92 | +54 - 11 - 48 24 71 34 :: E-mail: info@posadapalermo.com

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Salguero 1655 between Soler and Paraguay (1425) Bs. As. +54-11 4826-8792/4824-7134 reservas@posadapalermo.com