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The "Casa Chorizo"

The immigrants, upon arriving to Buenos Aires needed housing, but properties near the city center had increased in value beyond their limited means. Therefore, they started searching in suburban regions that were then occupied by spacious homes with large gardens. The land was being subdivided into lots of approximately 30 feet in front and 165 feet deep. They were familiar with the style of the "Pompeian" house.

The pompeian house

Basically, it consists of a central courtyard with arches and all the rooms surround the patio. Since the lots were too narrow, they divided the house in two and created the "casa chorizo" with the courtyard on one side and all the rooms in a row, against the property line, giving it a sausage like (chorizo) appearance.

The "casa chorizo" has a side entrance that goes to the courtyard which is connected to the very tall rooms, which ceilings approximating 15 feet. The rooms are connected by the walkway, which is next to the courtyard. The structure is formed by weight bearing walls of brick with mud. There are no columns.

Tipical distribution of a "casa chorizo"

The suspended ceiling forms an air pocket that contributes to the insulation of the rooms. The hardwood floors are suspended on the same wood, forming another air pocket of insulation. The courtyard ends in a dining room. A hallway connects with a second courtyard, which connects with the kitchen and to servants' quarters. Some have a third courtyard that is used for a vegetable garden. Since all the houses were very similar in size and construction, the facade determined the economic status of the owner. The ornaments used were imported from France and Italy. In this manner, beginning in 1880, the "casa chorizos" abandoned the plain colonial look.

Come and see what we offer in our house so typical of Buenos Aires.

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