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Posada Palermo Buenos Aires
Bed and Breakfast en-Suite
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Why is Posada Palermo special?

Do you enjoy a hard pillow? Posada Palermo is going to give you the pillow that better suits your neck.

Do you hate old sheets? Posada Palermo does too: fresh sheets, blankets and towels are not just a simple detail. You don't have to "put up with the rules" as best you can. Posada Palermo is, first of all, a house. Yours.

Nobody will say you use too much water when you bathe.
There will always be as much hot and cold water as you need.

If you're cold, even in temperatures below zero ?C (of course that'll never happen in Buenos Aires), Posada Palermo will understand you and do what it takes to make you comfortable. The same if you're hot. Heating time is unlimited.

We've all endured the "every day the same" jam, coffee or tea the owner of the Bed & Breakfast decided that we were going to get.

Posada Palermo thinks that life must be liveable, and that breakfast is a good start. Homemade jams, typical Argentinian dulce de leche. Fresh made toast, any kind of hot beverages (with or without caffeine).

Never believe in someone who promises you "everything you want". But do believe someone who offers "almost everything you want", as Posada Palermo does.

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Posada Palermo B&B :: 1655 J. Salguero Street, between Soler and Paraguay (1425) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: +54 - 11 - 48 26 87 92 | +54 - 11 - 48 24 71 34 :: E-mail: info@posadapalermo.com

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Salguero 1655 between Soler and Paraguay (1425) Bs. As. +54-11 4826-8792/4824-7134 reservas@posadapalermo.com